"New Hampshire Welcome Center:
open 24 hours"

"Massachusetts accepts EZ-pass
stay in fast lane"

"Connecticut State Thruway"

"Throgs Bridge
Queens, NY, 3/4 mi"

"Other places exist only for New Yorkers to visit;
that's what most people here believe."

"You have to realize that I grew up thinking everyone lived like this,
until I got out and realized that the rest of the world isn't like this at all."

"I can just feed off of this energy. Very rural or very city--
I could live on a farm in the middle of nowhere, or I could live in New York city.
I can do the extremes; it's the in-betweens that get me."

"Now I understand why I lose weight when I come home for the summer.
You can just walk and walk here, and then you can walk some more."

"Look... that's what I always thought the sky looked like,
until I moved to Maine and realized it was actually black."

"This feels so natural, you know?"

Run Away