"I'm an American offline, I'm into having a good time
Does you good to get some sunshine every once in a while"
--Hank Williams, Jr.

1)I went out for a walk in the moonlight tonight.
2)You know how the same things look so amazing under the moon?
3)I was like, "Wow... look at that FIELD! It's so... big, and... field like!"
4)Yes, I was feeling very articulate. It was kind of a long day.
5)Anyway, I walk through that field three or four times a week.
6)But in the moonlight it's just so amazing that it exists at all.
7)I think maybe everything is like that, but we get so used to it.
8)We only notice how madly crazy it is when we see it differently for some reason.
9)Like when you're showing someone around, a friend, or a tourist, or someone.
10)All of a sudden it's like, "Check out this AWESOME place I live in!"
11)There was some ice on the ground, too, under the trees, and I ran on it.
12)Not intentionally, it was sort of an accident and I ended up closing my eyes.
13)Because actually the ice reflects light strangely so there's not much contrast.
14)So you can't see the contours of icy ground as well as regular ground, right?
15)If seeing doesn't help, closing my eyes made it easier to feel as I ran.
16)And that was an interesting combination of tenses, but it's all good.
17)Like the Sadrao, whose tenses all translate as "present" in English.
18)Talking with them must be so fun.

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