"I draw a breath and night is broken
As I scream our battle cry"

1)So there was a new Power Rangers episode on last weekend.
2)There are many reasons I didn't see it, most of them involving Adri.
3)Which is ironic, given that she actually did see it.
4)And who was it about? Merrick.
5)The first time I saw Merrick, I was seriously disappointed.
6)Not seriously in a "majorly" way, but seriously in an "actually" way, not to be confused with seriously in a "not really at all" way.
7)I was like, "Great, another straight white guy with token long hair."
8)It's like we're supposed to be impressed by how rebellious and unconventional Rangers are because they have long hair.
9)Or maybe I'm reading too much into it; maybe they had to give up their only pair of scissors to overzealous airport security and haven't had time to replace it yet.
10)Did anyone else read that article at Satire Wire, by the way?
11)"Knives, Tanks, Whales--Airport Screeners Now Failing to Catch Anything"
12)My point is that, totally unexpectedly, Merrick has actually demonstrated some small amount of personality.
13)Most of it revolves around Shayla, granted, but so much the better as far as I'm concerned.
14)Anyway, being the only acknowledged romance on Wild Force, I'm anxious to see as much of it as possible.
15)Although there are days when Alyssa and Cole make me laugh.
16)All I can think about the low-key nature of their relationship is that they're both such naturally effusive people that it doesn't seem as strange as... well, as Merrick the Stoic smirking at Princess Shayla.
17)I haven't quite managed to figure out the new Power Rangers schedule yet, but I'm kind of hoping things will spontaneously work out.
18)IE, I'll wake up tomorrow at exactly the right time and when I push the "power" button on the TV it will just happen to be on whatever channel is now showing Power Rangers.
19)I have more faith in this system than you'd expect, actually.
20)I do have one question, though, and I understand that coming from a flutist it may sound a little bit hypo--what's that word that means... oh, I forget.
21)Whatever. Here's the question.
22)How hard is it to learn to play the damn flute?
23)On a scale of one to ten, comparing it to achieving a black belt in some martial art, and considering that the melody only has three notes.
24)Tommy was on the show for a zillion years, and he couldn't be bothered either.
25)What is that?

Run Away