"Midnight Mania"

1)Hot dogs--they're not just for breakfast anymore.
2)Fast pitch softball--I may throw like a girl, but at least I throw like a fast girl.
3)Inflatable obstacle course--they wouldn't put those people there if you weren't supposed to punch them.
4)Tug-of-war--the other team cheated.
5)Theater Sports--I wouldn't have let Jen back in after the "you suck" incident.
6)Laser tag--trigger happy, maybe; the only one with lives left, hell yeah!
7)Hula hoops--it's not "broken", it's "reshaped".
8)Inflatable volleyball--it's only falling if you don't get up.
9)Cotton candy--that fruity flavor exponentially increases the nutritive value.
10)Bombardment--(it's almost too easy) run away!

Run Away