1)I don't know why I do stupid things.
2)I had a lot of time to think about it today.
3)Three and a half hours, actually.
4)It turned out that I spent most of the time thinking about Squall and Rinoa, red-breasted nuthatches, the unidentifiable "whreet" bird, Zhane, Andros, and whether chocolate chip cookies exist aculturally.
5)But if I had wanted to spend time contemplating why I was lost in College Woods in the middle of a blizzard, the option was certainly there.
6)I did, obviously, find my way back out.
7)And it did momentarily occur to me to wonder what had possessed me to go for a walk on unmarked "trails" (I use the term in its loosest possible sense) in the first place.
8)But then I was distracted by the whreeting sound, and after that I wondered whether Squall's boots are waterproof, and finally my train of thought degenerated to the virtual particle theory and just wandered off on its own from there.
9)I never did resolve anything about Zhane, which was my original secondary goal in going for a walk in the first place.
10)The primary goal being, of course, to go for a walk in a snowstorm, which now that I look back on it seems to be one of my less clever brainstorms.
11)It was a good time though, aside from the lack of productivity and my continuing inability to comprehend the virtual particle thing.
12)Especially considering that once I made it back out I stopped at the Field House to check my voice mail and found out that the university had shut down while I was gone.
13)Not just for the afternoon, either.
14)We don't go back to class until Wednesday morning.
15)How sweet is that, that's what I want to know.
16)I also want to know why ice is such a good mat-er.
17)Honestly, I did have a hood, and I even wore it most of the time.
18)But my hair is seriously tangled to the point of being matted.
19)Yes, I'm brushing my hair while I type.
20)Adri has some phrase about multi-tasking... I can't really remember what it is.
21)Something about people who can simultaneously do nothing in so many different ways.

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