"I saw you online and thought I should call you."

1)So, "rice dream" ice cream.
2)Hey, I just realized how fun that is to say.
3)I'm trying some, because... well, it exists.
4)Walked out of the store, opened the carton, took a bite.
5)No, okay, I waited until I was in the car. I was curious.
6)It's really good! But anything that's ice-cream-like would be, I suppose.
7)This is "mint carob chip," so you know it's very whatever because it doesn't even have chocolate in it.
8)And it's not green. I don't know what's up with that; it should at least be green.
9)I found my key, by the way. It's like the umbrella I lost in sixth grade.
10)Oh my goodness! I just realized how weird my sixth grade homeroom was!
11)You know how there are things you just take for granted, in context?
12)It's like, of course, my roommate's allergic to vinegar so I'll take the pickles out in the hallway so the smell won't bother her.
13)Then someone else comes down the hall and they're like, "Dude, why are you sitting on the floor in the hallway eating pickles?"
14)In sixth grade, my gym teacher was also my homeroom teacher.
15)But because of space constraints, he didn't have an office.
16)So we would have homeroom in the old batting cage turned equipment locker.
17)Looking back, that's maybe a little odd. But at the time it was just this thing.
18)Anyway, I lost my umbrella that year, and my mom finally bought me a new one because it just hadn't turned up.
19)Then one day, I turned my backpack upside down--literally--to clean it out or something, and the umbrella fell out.
20)I had carried my lost umbrella around with me in my backpack for two and a half weeks.
21)It's not like I never used my backpack, I just never really emptied it out.
22)This time, I lost Jaki's key about a month ago.
23)This is only a problem when it's windy, because she locks the door to keep it from blowing open.
24)Because I couldn't find my key, I've been locking the door from the inside and going out the basement door whenever I leave.
25)This morning I found the key in the pocket of my squall, which I swear I've worn every day for the last month.
26)Well, almost every day. But as Jocelyn says, "Pockets turn into pocketbooks in the winter."
27)The other day she just started laughing as she put her coat on. "I have so much stuff in my pockets I can't even zip my coat!"
28)Also, I'm worried about using the stove after that whole toaster incident.
29)I mean, I'm using it and all; I'm baking pizza right now. But I'm still concerned.
30)Mice are just not the brightest sparkles on the water, you know?
31)A few days ago, one fell into the toaster and couldn't get out.
32)I didn't realize it was in there until Orange Kitty had been on the counter staring at the toaster for a good half hour.
33)So I looked inside, and there were these little dark eyes staring back at me.
34)Needless to say, I unplugged the toaster and turned it on its side, whereupon the mouse promptly ran out and hid in the stove.
35)Is there anything smart about that? The mouse, I mean, not me.
36)I know, I should have released it into the wild. But, come on... it was cold out.
37)No, I'm not a total softie. It was cold for ME; I didn't want to go out at midnight in zero degrees to release a mouse.
38)In conclusion, AnnaBee said, "Lying around thinking random thoughts about PR, as one does..."
39)I found this highly amusing.

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