1)Hey, it's the fourth of July!
2)A time to recreate the fight for independence by trying to blow ourselves up with illegal fireworks!
3)The British probably love this holiday: "Hey look, they'll finish the job we started!"
4)"And all we have to do is sit back and throw another shrimp on the barby!"
5)I don't know if they're actually throwing shrimp on the barby.
6)But it sounds like fun.
7)Do you need a special shrimp grill for that?
8)I mean, wouldn't the shrimp fall through a regular grill?
9)Or is that the point?
10)Maybe the excitement of eating grilled shrimp is that you have to dig through the coals to get it.
11)"Oh look, I found one--here, try it!" Crunch. "Oops, my mistake."

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