"Get any closer and I'll eat you."
--bumper sticker

1)I like dogs.
2)Not as much as I like ice cream, but still, I like them.
3)I also like sparkly stickers.
4)Not just shiny, but sparkly, with the little holographic rainbows and everything.
5)I like trees a lot.
6)I think I like trees maybe a little more than I like rocks, even though Kat says you can't have anything without rocks.
7)She's a geology major.
8)I like Melissa.
9)Kat makes me think of Melissa, see, so that was a logical progression.
10)I like country music, and jeans and tie-dye, and hay parties, even though I'm not a republican.
11)I've never fired a gun.
12)I'm pretty good with a bow and arrow, though.
13)I wouldn't win any competitions, you understand--well, I did once, but it was an accident.
14)I'm not good enough to hunt my own food, is what I'm saying.
15)I kind of like gardening, though.
16)And I like coffee, but only when it doesn't taste like coffee.
17)Basically I pour some coffee in my cream and then add sugar.
18)And a healthy does of chocolate does no harm, as far as I'm concerned.
19)Thumbs up to Dunkachinos, that's for sure.
20)I like Dunkin Donuts, and cell phones, and laptops and fast cars.
21)Well, actually just my car, because she's cool.
22)But I like birds more, little hoppy birds and big birds of prey and the ones that run around in restaurants with their heads cut off.
23)I don't like those, but it was fun to say. I like the other ones.
24)I like soy.
25)Although I am slightly suspicious of a substance that can be both milk and burgers. That's kind of sketchy, if you ask me.
26)I like getting enough sleep, so I think I'll go work on that.

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