"Raise your hand if you only had three channels on your TV
And that little town that kept you down is where you want to be"
--Hank Williams, Jr.

1)I heard that song for the first time today, and I laughed.
2)I used to tell people I was going to be an out-of-state plate when I grew up.
3)Not that I was going to come back here with my Cali license plate, but that I was going to take my NH plate to Cali.
4)I feel it's an important distinction, because even then I knew that my home state was part of my identity.
5)I was talking to Gerhard the other day about where I went to school, and he was like, "Dude. You're hardcore local."
6)Except, you know, he's 91 so he didn't use those exact words.
7)I was like, yeah, I guess I am. I like to travel, but this is where I'm from.
8)Not even this state, but this PART of the state. Heck, I'm from this town.
9)This little town that doesn't even have a post office, no unique phone number, and holds summer fairs in the road.
10)You know, where they block off whole roads to sell lemonade because hey, who drives anyway?
11)I love this town. I used to be sad, thinking that I had wasted so much of my life here.
12)Now I'm grateful, realizing how much of my life I've been given here.
13)I've been across the country, up and down (but not to Florida!) out of the country but not off the continent, I've lived out of state and I've come back, because even though home is a state of being, not a place on the map, I like it here.
14)More and more, I'm proud to be from New Hampshire, and when I see quotes like this:
15)"It wasn't exactly a one-horse town, in the sense that you'd still see the town if a few horses stood in front of it."
16)Rather than cringing, I think, "Right on! Like that song, 'I can breathe in a small town'!"
17)So anyway, I like Terri Clark's "Midnight's Gone," and Hank Williams Jr's "I'm One Of You."
18)Even if we only got two channels on our TV ^_^

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