"She goes on and on about things I could care less about!
Which, granted, covers just about everything,
but still. She goes on and on!"

1)So there's this cat.
2)A pretty little white calico that was sitting on our porch one night when I got home late.
3)It had a tag that said "Hannah" and a Barrington phone number.
4)Now, Barrington's a long way for a cat, and she was kind of matted, so at breakfast I asked if anyone knew anything about her.
5)I got these looks like, "How much did you have to drink, again?"
6)For several days, I was the only one who was even sure this cat existed.
7)But this evening, Lynn saw a white calico hanging out in our neighbors' yard.
8)So, like any concerned cat owner, she snatched the cat, brought it back, and shut it in the barn.
9)She called the number on the tag to say she had found their cat, and the woman on the other end was like, "But she isn't lost!"
10)Lynn was like, "Are you sure? She's been hanging around here for days."
11)The woman, somewhat confused, replied, "We just saw her at dinner."
12)Apparently the cat's owner is staying with her parents--our neighbors--on her way to Vermont.
13)Her cats are with her, with their Barrington phone number tags, except when they're being locked in our barn.
14)Lynn didn't actually mention the locked in the barn part.
15)Instead, she carried the cat over to the neighbors' house and put it back in the yard where she found it.
16)The cat, rather enjoying all this attention, promptly turned around and followed her home.
17)My sister pulled in the driveway about half an hour later and was like, "Hey, that lost cat's out on the porch again..."

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