"It seems I paint you now in colors of forgiveness
But I lost the paint somehow"
--Carolyn Dawn Johnson

1)I think I need more guilt. I totally need more guilt in my life.
2)Can I go harvest some guilt somewhere? Is there a big guilt-field?
3)I think I must have been born in it. No wonder I like movies like the Matrix.
4)"Take responsibility for your choices." That's all I do, is take responsibility for things.
5)They don't even have to be MY things, they can just be random things I find lying on the sidewalk.
6)Ooh, my subconscious says, something bright and shiny. I better take responsibility for it.
7)(There's a sidewalk in my guilt-field, how do you like that? A sidewalk with litter on it.
8)Dammit. That's probably my fault. I let people litter on my sidewalk!!)
9)I don't understand why we focus all this energy on making things sugar-free, fat-free, carb-free.
10)I want just one thing that's guilt-free. Like a good book or something.
11)I want to be able to read a good book and not feel guilty about not being more useful to society.
12)Or maybe I could go for a walk and not feel guilty about cheating my physical and emotional potential.
13)I want to get a phone call that I don't immediately feel guilty about not having picked up.
14)I think it'd be nice to do something, just once, that I don't feel guilty about not having done better.
15)There are so many things that I think, I could do that AMAZINGLY well...
16)I should have done it better. Seriously, like before it's even done. Should have done it better.
17)The country goes to war, and I'm like, I should have protested that harder.
18)I wake up in the morning and I'm like, I should be happier. What do I have to be sad about?
19)I have guilt-induced guilt! What is that? That's freakin' neurotic, is what that is!

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