1)It's graduation day.
2)I'm sitting in a mostly empty apartment, typing on my computer.
3)That seems appropriate, since that's how I spent a lot of the last four years.
4)Except for the mostly empty apartment part.
5)Amanda and I were up so late last night not drinking.
6)It wasn't that we were up specifically to not drink, it was just that so many other people seemed to be that I thought I should throw that in.
7)We had fun disassembling what was left of our living space--
8)Wait, that doesn't sound very fun, does it.
9)Oh, well. I tried to stuff as much as possible into my car, which may yet turn out to hold everything but the rugs.
10)"Tarzan club mission number three: six packs in the back of the station wagon!"
11)Although me comparing myself to her old boyfriend in the middle was kind of strange.
12)He was a compulsive packer, though, and that's how I felt.
13)Actually, I felt like I was loading up a clown car.
14)The police drove by five separate times... I like to think that it wasn't because of me, but I was the only person loading at twelve-thirty last night.
15)I got a space right close to the door, though.
16)Other entertaining features of the evening were Amanda cutting my hair with craft scissors ("How did you spend the night before your graduation?"), me refilling the bubble pen Brian gave me and then promptly littering the living room with bubbles ("If there's one thing this apartment could use more of, it's soap."), and the infamous lurking tea mug that seemed to stay full for far longer than any ordinary mug had a right to. ("I don't mean to pressure you, but are you going to drink the damn tea or not?")
17)There was also discussion of what would add to the commencement ceremony and what would not: "I'm bringing bubbles and a book." "No beachball?" "And no air horn!" "Maybe I'll take my laptop. I'll go wired. Can't you just see someone walking up to get their diploma with a cellphone in one hand and as they get up on stage they're like, 'Excuse me, I have to graduate now. Hang on one second.'"
18)I would also like to note the amazing turnaround in the weather--from rainy and cold to sunny and warm in the space of five hours (since that's how long we slept...)
19)Happy graduation!

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