"No, no pictures please!"
(This picture has been removed at Rinoa's request.)

1)But imagine!
2)He's not wearing gloves!
3)Would you believe that occured to me this morning?
4)While I was on the bus to the Manchester "Great Decisions" national conference?
5)Which I had to get up at six o'clock on a Saturday morning for?
6)Not that I'm bitter.
7)So anyway, I was leaning against the window, falling back asleep and thinking about the grey shirt I wasn't wearing.
8)And I thought drowsily, "It's grey, darn it. It's definitely grey."
9)This was immediately proceeded by the thought that it was the only color other than black that he ever wears.
10)Then I thought, "I wonder if there will be donuts at the conference."
11)This was followed by, "Unless you count the gold on his SeeD uniform."
12)Which I don't, by the way.
13)Then the bus came to an unnecessarily abrupt stop at a light, and I frowned to myself as my nice comfy position against the window was disrupted.
14)So there I was, not counting gold trim, thinking that if he ever takes off his jacket his gloves won't match his clothes anymore.
15)Then the bus started up again, and I had some idle thought about how oddly luxurious the bus was.
16)Seat-to-ceiling windows, carpeted everything, including the ceiling, reading lights for every seat, TVs for every other seat.
17)I figured there must be something to this politics business after all.
18)Then I thought that at least his gloves match his SeeD uniform.
19)"But wait!" I thought suddenly.
20)This was my moment of revelation.
21)This, I realized, was why he looked so cute at the dance.
22)He wasn't wearing gloves!

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