"I don't understand how you're doing better than me in this class!
You spend less time on it, you study less than me, and you can't read!"

1)My roommate is playing with the astro morpher that Adri gave me.
2)That worries me on some fundamental level.
3)Especially because she isn't just pushing buttons at random, she's actually playing the little game.
4)All I can think of is Adri saying, "Can't you see Andros sitting on the Bridge playing that game on his morpher?"
5)Honestly, if you don't happen to have one of these things, this is the most boring game in the world.
6)With the possible exception of Parcheesi, which I suck at.
7)The morpher voice guy gives you a number on the keypad, and you have to push it.
8)If you're too slow, one of the four lights on the morpher goes out.
9)Once all the lights go out, you lose.
10)It's quite the intellectual challenge, really.
11)But here's Amanda, sitting at her desk, pushing buttons on a PRS toy and trying to decide which number she likes least.
12)This is probably indicative of the burnout level here on campus.
13)It's not quite as bad as me in Native Peoples, though.
14)The professor told us that he's going to the Yucatan to photograph the pyramids.
15)Now, the Yucatan peninsula is in Central America, but somehow all I focused on was "pyramids".
16)This professor studies Mesoamerica, but I somehow became convinced that he was going to Egypt.
17)Furthermore, I became convinced that Egypt is in Saudi Arabia, and that the Yucatan is a part of Ethiopia.
18)You know, two sort of peninsular things on continents that begin with "A".
19)You have to keep in mind that I also thought Ethiopia is where Somalia really is.
19)So I was sitting there wondering, "How is he going to photograph the pyramids from across the ocean?"
20)Then, next to me in class, Danielle whispered, "Won't he just be able to borrow a cell phone from one of the Indians?"
21)The whole reason the professor was telling us about his trip to the Yucatan was because he's leaving next week, so he has to get our final exams graded before Wednesday.
22)We wanted him to just grade them in the Yucatan and call in the grades to school, so that we'd have more time to work on them.
23)But see, in my already confused state, Danielle mentioning "Indians" only made me wonder how the hell the professor was going to be in India at the same time that he was photographing Saudi Arabian-Egyptian pyramids from Ethiopia-Somalia.
24)Then Danielle added, "It's not like people in Mexico don't have phones, after all."
25)That was when my distorted world map suddenly straightened itself out, and I was like, "Oh, the *Yucatan*!"
26)Later, Danielle told me, "It's a good thing you didn't tell him to have fun in Ethiopia or something."
27)I swear, I have no idea how I got so incredibly turned around.
28)But, as Jared says, "You're not lost if you don't care where you're going."
29)Only two more days of classes.

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