Why fall semester finals are fun.

"These are the slimiest carrots I've ever seen!"
"We're looking for a drainpipe. We think we hear one."
"You don't have to be studying to take a study break!"

1)Midnight Scream.
2)Study sessions watching "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation" twice.
3)Late night magic card tricks.
4)My roommate's incredible clothes-absorbing internal frame pack.
5)Singing along to "Can't Keep A Good Man Down" really loudly.
6)Packing breaks.
7)Riding the shuttle for hours for no reason.
8)Professor evaluations.
9)My roommates's recorded laughter.
10)Random trips to Target.
11)Not having a broken finger.
12)Candy fights.
13)Sleeping in the hallway and waking up with a monkey in your arms.
14)Taking pictures of your RA sleeping in the hallway.
15)Candy canes.
16)Contorted Bendies.
17)Piggyback rides in the hallway.
18)Learning how to break into the Life Sciences building.
19)Double manual solitaire.
20)Giant chalk rattlesnakes and frogs.
21)Free pool games.
22)The end of the semester.
23)White hot chocolate.
24)The mysterious blue flash before a power outage.
25)The anti-flute girl and her music cronies.
26)Mocking Dave the Flashlight Boy as he tries to threaten people for disturbing his studying.
27)Being taken out to dinner.
28)Listening to "the old music".
29)Pioneers of the late night lab review.
30)Learning how to break out of the Life Sciences building.
31)My roommate's advent calendar.
32)Hanukhah Harry, Kwanzaa Karl, Solistice Santa and Christmas Claudette.
33)Really long notice pages.
34)Being able to steal the dining hall flowers.
35)Not getting ticketed for parking in the quad.
36)Leaving your hazards on for six hours.
37)Living in the SELF dorm and being able to say "Merry Christmas" whenever you want.
38)Building cookie forts.
39)Finally realizing that the small and large intestines are misnamed.
40)Four days in the butterfly chair.

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