"You worry 'bout your hips, you worry 'bout your weight
Meanwhile I'm trying to catch the breath you take away"
--Trace Adkins

1)Jocelyn walked into the kitchen and was like, "I'm having such a fat day."
2)I love that. She's just like, oh by the way, this is how I feel about myself right now.
3)It's kind of an interesting contradiction, to be able to tell other people about our insecurities.
4)'Cause you figure those are the things we keep to ourselves the most, to avoid drawing attention to them.
5)It takes a certain amount of self-confidence to be able to tell someone, "I feel fat today."
6)At least, someone who isn't so close to you that they're obligated to reassure you that you're not.
7)Is a friend someone who tells you that you don't have to be what you think you should be?
8)Or is it someone who tells you that you are what you think you should be even when you know you're not?
9)I don't know. Sometimes it's hard to know whether you're supporting someone or pressuring them.
10)Sometimes someone I love will say, "I wish I could do that."
11)Is it better to say, "You can!" or "I love you anyway"?
12)Because if you tell them they can, it's like you want them to change.
13)But if you tell them you love them anyway, it's like you're agreeing that they're not that good.
14)They always say that women don't share their problems because they want solutions, they share because they want sympathy.
15)Like when your girl says she's had a horrible day, you shouldn't be like, "Try this," you should just say, "Yeah, that sucks."
16)I think there are times when that's true and times when it's not.
17)But I haven't figured out how to tell the difference, so I think that all conversations should be prefaced with an explanation of the expected response.
18)"I'm telling you this so you can sympathize," or "I'm telling you this so you can tell me what to do."
19)I think this would make everyone's lives much easier.

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