"Eskimo up!"

1)I have no idea who started that, but I'm guessing that this time it wasn't a player.
2)How can you not love "eskimo up!" It's the funniest thing I heard all evening!
3)The Pats play the Titans tonight in their first game of the playoffs.
4)The game's supposed to start in the single digits, but I can't believe it'll be above zero by the end.
5)"The road to the Superbowl goes through New England!"
6)And it's gonna be a cold ride, baby!*
7)Can you believe that 68,000 people fit into Foxboro stadium?
8)That's just mad! That's enough to keep me away right there!
9)"A person is smart. People are stupid." I fear humanity in large numbers.
10)But my paranoia aside, I will be watching the game from the warm comfort of my living room!
11)Well, someone else's living room, with a fire and popcorn and loud music and really good juice!
12)Maybe it's a sport-y thing to actually BE at the game, but I say, forget it.
13)If they're mad enough to play, I'm mad enough to watch, but that's as far as it goes.
14)I shall confine my moral support to laughing every time I hear someone say "Eskimo up!"

*"I keep adding 'baby' at the end of my sentences and I don't know why." --Erin

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