1)Last night I dreamed that the US seceded from the world.
2)I knew it was going to happen, because I was waving a Confederate flag at a Memorial Day parade.
3)Actually, first I was Trinity running from evil drugstore employees.
4)But then I flew away, apparently having absorbed some of Neo's superpowers, and became the flag-waving guy at the parade.
5)The police put up with me for a couple of miles, but when they got to the end of the parade where they were going to have the remembrance ceremony, they were like, "Look, you're going to have to leave."
6)So I did, mysteriously vanishing between buildings.
7)Next thing I knew, I was a football player who played underground in what looked like a retired sewer system.
8)This was perfectly normal, though, the point was that when we came back from our game, I was told to start packing.
9)The US was closing its borders, and in my dream there were doors locked and guards stationed and everything.
10)I found my roommates, and I don't remember what they thought about the whole thing.
11)I think one of them couldn't sleep. And there were bunk beds.
12)Anyway, martial law was coming, even though no one would say it.
13)And the whole population was being divided up into their yahoo newsgroups.
14)There was an "oxygen" group for pregnant women, and an aerobics group full of engaged preppies (one couple announced they were getting married as we were being divided up and everyone clapped), and other smaller groups.
15)There were also "new people", and I don't know where they came from.
16)But they had been randomly assigned to groups, and this whole time I was making plans to get out of the cities and up to this cabin in mountain country.
17)I was an elderly doctor at this point, with a bar buddy who was of the same mind.
18)Which was basically, "get away from the military as fast as you can".
18)We took some coats and some tupperware and a backpack.
19)It was raining as we left.

Run Away