"I contemplate my future, I analyze my past
I twist myself up like a pretzel in my yoga class"
--Terri Clark

1)I keep dreaming about towns that are in buildings.
2)Or buildings that have whole towns inside, either way.
3)Last week, I dreamed that something had gone wrong and security was coming in through windows in the sky.
4)Because the sky was the ceiling, see, and they were being lowered in on ropes.
5)I don't think we liked security very much. We were trying to get to the cafeteria before they found us.
6)And I hit this guy because he was in my way, but then I realized that wouldn't do any good.
7)Because, A)I could have just gone around him, B)he was a lot bigger than me, and C)hitting him to no effect only made me feel more frustrated.
8)So I had something in my hands (my blue shirt, I think!) but I put them together anyway and asked his forgiveness.
9)I think he stared at me in surprise as I hurried away toward the cafeteria.
10)Then, the night before last, I went to the dojo with my sister.
11)In my dream, that is. And of course the dojo and everything else in town was in this building.
12)We lived in apartments at one end, near the waterfall and the pyramids. They were all inside too.
13)But the pyramids were being renovated, which I thought was a shame because they had a lot of archaelogical significance.
14)They had a date and a place of origin on them and everything: 30 AD bagdad
15)I thought it was odd that Iraq used to spell the name of its capitol city differently.
16)It didn't really occur to me that the date and the city name didn't exactly coincide, but that wasn't the weird part.
17)These pyramids had clearly been built in the Aztec (or maybe Mayan, I said) style, and yet they were built by Iraq which should have been more influenced by Egypt.
18)They were definitely not Egyptian-style pyramids. So they were extra specially interesting, but these people were just going to mess them all up so they could live in them without caring about their historical import.
19)They pyramids were just above the waterfall, which by the way was very pretty.
20)Our apartment was separated from the one across the hall by, well, a hall, but the hall was part of the apartment.
21)There were four apartments sharing the same space, actually, and whose apartment you were in depended on where you were standing.
21)I guess that's what you expect when the whole town is in a single building.

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