"Earth annexed."

"Move it, you worms!"

1)Today I was supposed to be writing a paper about "The Death Of Bernadette Lefthand".
2)Terribly sad book; I don't recommend it.
3)Well, I recommend the middle, but not the beginning or the end.
4)So instead of writing my paper, I decided that I haven't seen PRS in way too long.
5)Possibly because it hasn't been on.
6)But honestly, Power Rangers is such great stress relief.
7)I mean, Andros yells "Missile mode!" with such determination.
8)How can you not wish that on some of the people you know sometimes?
9)All my tapes are at home, but luckily today was "get a tree day" at my house.
10)So I was at home anyway--awesome french toast for breakfast, by the way--and I figured I might as well allot some time for relaxation.
11)I had to find the tapes first, of course.
12)My sister wrote most of my summaries for me, and when I finally stumbled across "PRIS: 1st conclusion", I had to laugh.
13)She had written, "Dark Spectre killed, Earth annexed."
14)The phrase "Earth annexed" cracks me up every time. I'm not really sure why.
15)At any rate, something odd struck me about the end of CtD.
16)Well, many things, including the fact that the Astro Rangers were the only ones who demorphed, and they demorphed in a fashion oddly similar to the villains' reformation--what does that say about our heroes, exactly?
17)And the fact that Phantom's reaction to the sandification of surrounding enemy soldiers was somewhat entertaining; first he looks all around to make sure they're gone, and then for some inexplicable reason he looks up. Then he checks to make sure his ruby is still there. I find that amusing in and of itself, and no, I'm not obsessed with the Phantom Ranger.
18)But this was the thing I found truly odd.
19)What the hell did Ashley do with her necklace between the ramp and the Bridge?
20)Did she tear it off in a fit of Andros-inspired rage, or what?
21)And why did Kerone reach out to hug her and only her when she and Zhane joined them on the Bridge?
22)Okay, I'm done. I'm not really, but I'm about to make fun of Zordon, so I have to segue somewhere.

"The forces of evil have already captured most of the universe. Soon they will capture the earth."
Thanks for that bit of trivia; they obviously keep you well-informed on the Dark Fortress.
"Yes, I know."
"You can stop it from happening."
You couldn't have mentioned this to someone before now?
"How? Tell me!"
"Shatter my energy tube."
Good idea.
"Only the good energy from my tube can destroy the forces of evil."
And here I thought the Rangers had been doing a pretty good job the past few years.
"But Zordon! What's going to happen to you?"
"I will be gone--"
Yay! I mean, gee, that's too bad.
"But my spirit will forever live in all that is good."
Damn. You won't be able to talk, will you?
"No Zordon. We'll keep fighting. There's got to be another way!"
"There is no other way."
Thanks for your confidence in us; that means a lot to me.
"Goodbye again, old friend..."
Bye! Have fun storming the castle!

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