"Katie! Lucas! Nadira!"
"Katie! Lucas!"

1)So Wes and the red beret. You know what I say about that?
2)I say, "Christopher Khayman Lee dyed his hair for the crossover, so suck it up and ditch the hat!"
3)Why do I feel the need to put my own words in quotes?
4)I feel like it's fairly obvious that I'm the one writing this page, so why am I quoting myself?
5)He and Eric are *soo cute together!
6)Although perhaps they're more easily flustered than they once were.
7)They pulled off the "Time for Time Force/Quantum Power" synchronization the first time, but it suffered a little when they tried to do it in front of the Wild Force Rangers.
8)Speaking of which, is Turtle Cove a part of Silver Hills?
9)And if so, HOW does it follow that they've never encountered each other before?
10)And since when do the Silver Guardians give out speeding tickets!
11)Taylor and Eric crack me up. Their interaction is strangely normal for two "leaders" that aren't very subtle about their mutual disdain for civilians.
12)"I could just tell she was trouble." "Sounds like your type."
13)And no offense, but WHY is Shayla perpetually clueless? Why. That's all I'm asking.
14)I totally respect her as a person who lives in a water fountain and sings to deer, but honestly.
15)As the guardian of a three thousand year old Power, a mystically protected zord reserve, and supposed mentor for five sometimes-competent Rangers, WHAT EXACTLY ARE HER QUALIFICATIONS?
16)"You met other Rangers? What are they like? Are they nice?"
17)Hello, yes we met other Rangers! And it's funny but they say they've been defending the city for a whole year now, and strangely, there used to be a lot more of them! How did you MISS them, oh wise and omiscient seer in the sky?
18)But my issues do not lie solely with Shayla's lack of observational skill.
19)No, I have one word that implicates Trip in the special Cluelessness Club as well.
20)That word is as follows: JEN!
21)"She went on a special mission to track them down, but we lost contact with her a few weeks ago."
22)Weeks? Are you insane? She could be anywhere or when, and you lost track of her WEEKS ago?
23)This is just a thought, and probably not very insightful or intelligent or anything that you'd associate with the sophisticated reasoning of the thirtieth century, but did it occur to anyone to GO AFTER HER?

*"Like to and too I feel there should be so and soo." --Aerin

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