"When we put emotions on the line
Know that we are the timeless ones"

1)I'm the coolest person alive!
2)And I am, too, but I've recently realized that some people might not be happy about this.
3)In fact, I have this sudden idea that maybe some people find it offensive.
4)Because if you look at it from a relative point of view, maybe they think that I think they're *less* cool than I am!
5)That never occurred to me until today.
6)I didn't really think about it, I just figured since it made me happy to hear people say that then it would do the same for other people.
7)There was this girl I lived with and periodically she would be like, "I'm special! Sparkle sparkle ching!"
8)I thought that was the greatest, and it always made me laugh.
9)Cause she was, and obviously she knew that, and that's just so... great.
10)A lot of people don't think they're special, and they say so, or they say they are even if they don't believe it because they hope other people will agree and reassure them that *someone* thinks they're special, even if they themselves don't.
11)That's hard, you know? I feel bad about that.
12)It makes me feel bad when other people say, "Well, I can't do that." Or "I don't really matter." Just like it's true.
13)And when I see someone smiling on the street it makes me smile too, because I'm like, "Hey, they're happy!"
14)Them being happy doesn't make me less happy, any more than me being cool makes someone else less cool.
15)We can all be the coolest people alive together, you know?
16)It's just this expresion of self-esteem, not an effort to put other people down.
17)Because isn't the only reason we put someone down so that we can feel better about ourselves? Obviously the coolest person alive would never need to do that!
18)I actually put people down all the time, but it's okay because I forgive myself and I'm learning every day how to be even cooler than I already am.
19)Sparkle sparkle ching!

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