"I really hope you hate Dino Thunder."

1)I am flying hair girl!
2)But who could resist dancing in the moonlight?
3)It's so bright and the snow is only here for a few months...
4)Every day is a day closer to spring!
5)I am highly amused by Wyndstorm's desire for me to hate Dino Thunder.
6)And, tangentially, I would just like to say that "Dino Thunder" is the silliest name since "In Space."
7)"Mighty Morphin" was odd, but it was the first, you know? You went with it because there was nothing to compare it to.
8)But "Power Rangers In Space"? The only reason I started watching it was because it sounded so ridiculous!
9)Which, you know, turned out to be a good thing.
10)Ah, my freshman year of college. Watching Power Rangers in the main lounge at three in the afternoon.
11)I would actually reserve the TV for that time, you know, until I figured out that no one else watched TV in the afternoon.
12)Good times. Gargoyles in the morning, before Biology, and Power Rangers after work in the afternoon.
13)"I don't think she bought the alarm clock excuse. You look a little too awake."
14)"I'm not awake! This is just how I look! Me sleepy and me awake are exactly the same!"
15)Gargoyles played back to back episodes from 7:30 to 8:30, see. Biology started at eight.
16)I really wanted to see the one where Elisa was a gargoyle, but it was on at eight.
17)I skipped. Tanya didn't. It was an honors class. I was doing better than she was.
18)"I don't understand how you're doing better than me in this class! You study less than I do and you can't read!"
19)No, that was another class. Tanya and I were in a lot of them together.
20)We used to make plans to attend class. "Are you going to be here on Wednesday? I'm not coming if you aren't."
21)"You'd better, because if I get here and you're not here, I'm leaving."
22)We were so bad. Tanya definitely taught me how to skip. I never skipped a class until I met her.
22.3)After I met her, I'm not sure I *went* to a class...
23)I remember napping through chemistry in the courtyard with her, and eating breakfast during calculus.
24)"I've learned that if you bring enough stuff to the dining hall, you can just stay all the way through breakfast and into lunch."
25)"By the time you're done working they're serving new food, and you don't even have to swipe your card again."
26)First semester freshman year sucked. Second semester freshman year was my introduction to the true fun of college life.
27)What the heck was I talking about, here?
28)Ah, flying hair. Yes. It's a mite windy outside.
29)Just a small mite. Not one of those mondo sized ones.
30)Jumbo shrimp and chocolate on the cushions!

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