"The club was pretty dull. Well, you know how the gays don't like to go out in the cold;
they might have to wear a hat, and god only
knows what that might do to their hair."

1)I got up this morning and looked at the thermometer.
2)It's easy because there's a transparent digital display in the bathroom window.
3)This place is so techy I expect to open a closet door and find a glass elevator.
4)So the thermometer said six, which was interesting.
5)Not just six, but six below, which is like the same thing only twelve degrees colder.
6)I was a bit concerned about my car, which has only had to start below zero once this winter.
7)I can cold start an automatic with the best of them, but gunning the gas while holding down the brake and the clutch?
8)I know, I know, take it out of gear, but luckily it didn't come to that.
9)I was impressed that after only eight minutes of the headlights and heater technique, the car started right up.
10)Well, you know, not right up, but on the first try at least.
11)It's worth noting that there is a garage here, but it's--to put it mildly--full.
12)I also think it's odd that we use "cold start" in this instance to mean the opposite of what it means in any other circumstance.
13)And while I'm being observationally amused, is anyone else troubled by the "cold pharmacies"?
14)I go and I'm like, I just want some zinc in a candy that I can suck on.
15)My throat gets raw from sniffling constantly outside, you know? And who couldn't use more zinc?
16)But the aisles are filled with menthol and painkillers and cough suppressants until you can't find a dang thing.
17)I just wanted to tell someone, "There's nothing wrong with me. I'm looking for health-aids, not sick-aids."
18)We're a very fix-y society. Maybe if we put more work into maintaining our health, we wouldn't have to keep curing our sickness.
19)So anyway, we were only outside for a couple of hours at work today, because only the huskies and the newfies wanted to play.
20)And in case you ever need to know, it takes a Power Bar exactly 19 minutes to freeze in a -35 degree windchill.
21)I started singing "Steam," just to amuse myself with "Today was a scorcher, but I'll roll you one better..."
22)It was a good morning. I had a chance to reflect on the merits of emptiness and the idea that sesshin is homeopathic.
23)And also we made many trips to the vet clinic, because Nik tore our bathroom apart for no apparent reason.
24)The sign on the door read, "Please do not open unless you want to breathe deadly toxic dust. Your choice."

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