"Sometimes I'm curious and clumsy, but I have friends that love me
And they know where I stand, it's all a part of me and that's who I am"

1)I used to wonder if I was out of character.
2)I mean, am I really the best person to be me?
3)What if I'm not doing it right? Would I really say what I said?
4)But then I'm told I have to be me, because everyone else was taken.
5)So it's like, okay, I better find out some more about this me person.
6)It's very confusing, because there's no manual or script, not even an introduction.
7)And sometimes I don't realize I've done something un-me-like for a long time.
8)There might be un-me-like things that I've *never* realized!
9)But I'm still working on it, and I feel like I'm making some progress.
10)It's slow, but after all I do have my whole life.
11)I have conclusively determined that I do not eat macaroni and cheese, so that's good to know.
12)I've also noticed that I seem to like dogs, and I apparently love my family.
13)Other details are still sketchy, but at the end of the day, I sleep.
14)I ran into trouble at the Lee fair a few years back, because I wanted to get a harmony bell.
15)Who couldn't use a little more harmony in their life, right?
16)But they all had little pictures on them, and that was a problem.
17)Which picture would I like? That's not one of the three things I know!
18)Other people were willing to offer advice, but I'm never sure if they have as much information about me as I do.
19)So I studied all the images several times, on multiple trips to the bell booth.
20)I narrowed it down to two: a simple mountain scene with flowers and sky, or a messy earth picture with smiley faces and hearts.
21)I wanted the mountain scene. It was pretty and straightforward and nicely themed. Very neat.
22)I thought it was something I would buy.
23)I got the earth bell, and it doesn't just have smiley faces and hearts, it also has stars and rainbows and the oceans glow in the dark.
24)It's crowded and wavery and hard to understand unless you look really closely. And it's cracked on the top because I've worn it so much.
25)I'm not sure whether it's something I would buy or not, but I did, so that's one more thing I know about me.

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