"Bad Writer!"

The following were submitted by visitors to CFAN.

--It is not nice to steal other writers' ideas. Therefore, I will only steal from the ones I know I can outrun.
--I will not hate other writers for being better than I am. I will PRACTICE AND IMPROVE, instead. Then I will hate them.
--I will stop plotting while I drive. Working through dialogue out loud is great, but not at the drive-through window.
--Every now and then, I will allow my fifteen extremely powerful and well trained characters to beat the single, unaided villain without difficulty.
--I will NEVER turn any innocent person into a cabbage.
--I will not invent new villains just so that my characters can beat them. The fact that this happens is purely coincidental.
--My characters will not continue fighting with eighteen broken ribs and a leg missing -- they will scream and fall down like everyone else.
--Not everyone loves cats, penguins and aardvarks as much as I do, so I will write other animals sometimes.
--I will devote at least three hours a week to maintaining a strong grip on reality.
--I will not invent anyone for the sole purpose of killing them in order to create a touching moment -- if I must kill someone, I will use someone who was already there.
--Not everyone wants all the boring characters killed off. I will respect this, and only kill some of them.
--If I kill someone, they will STAY DEAD -- unless it's more amusing to bring them back.

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