"Aristotle was a long time ago.
They didn't know squat back then."

1)So, seventeen minutes till kickoff.
2)A few more hours before they officially announce the Patriots' victory.
3)Two point three seconds before "Island Magic" incense suffocates everyone in the house.
4)I really don't smell well, so periodically I forget that incense is burning.
5)This does not go over well.
6)I don't consider it a handicap, as such, because it allows me to scare people by eating really spicy foods.
7)There's a funny story about my lack of the smell/taste sense and hot chinese food, but I can't remember it.
8)Anyway, I've been doing some research today.
9)Okay, so I watched the PRS/LG crossover eps again.
10)But it was important, because "Tenth Power" is one of the only indications of how the Astro Rangers were regarded after the events of "Countdown".
11)I have no plans to ever, ever call them "Space Rangers", by the way.
12)I'm doing a small post-Countdown story, aka "Starhawk's experiments in canon" (can you call it canon if it takes place after the series ends? but it doesn't! hahaha! okay, bad parentheses)
13)And I was looking for two things, one being the Rangers' image after simultaneously being revealed and saving the city, and the other being the layout of the Megaship.
14)I've always had a somewhat skewed perception of the Megaship's design, exterior and interior, mostly because I'm not a detail-oriented person.
15)I never even realized that the Megaship could physically transform into the Megazord until Adri showed me her transforming model thingy.
16)I was like, "It actually does that? I thought that was just part of the show!"
17)It's probably worth noting that when *I* tried to make it transform, it did not in fact work.
18)Adri finally did everything but the shuttle for me, handing it back with the words, "You should be able to handle that part."
19)Three minutes later she took it back, put the shuttle in and closed the ship before handing it back.
20)I was like, "How did you do that!"
21)Suffice it to say, I am mechanically inept.
22)So my vision of the Megaship's interior has always been... off, shall we say.
23)This is a fact that Sailor Sol has repeatedly and very helpfully pointed out to me.
24)She even sent me an impossibly long description of everything I could ever want to know about the Megaship's layout, which I managed to keep track of up until the moment when I actually needed it.
25)Which leads me to the point I'm at now, which is that of having three badly-drawn but very colorful and relatively comprehensive blueprints of the Bridge, Engine Room, and Workbay sketched in my notebook.
26)I have even managed to reorient myself to the point where I now admit the Bridge is not on the same deck as the Engine Room, and yes, there is a "space hatch".
27)The fact that I denied the existence of a space hatch for many years despite its repeated presence on the show is some indication of how distorted my view of the Megaship actually was.
28)At any rate, it appears that it's time for the Patriots to win the Superbowl, and I wouldn't want to miss that.
29)"It's the Brady Shuffle!"

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