I'm gone from 6/11-8/29.
E-mail, yes; speedy reply, no.

"No Parking: the last person who parked here is still missing."
--camper's street sign decoration

"Today is chaos. Why plan chaos?"

"Remember, delegation is the key to authority."

"Does 'commitment' have one 'm' or two? How many 't's? We don't have to be able to spell here."

"That leads to my next point. This is my next point: don't smoke crack."
"I wonder what's going on in that conversation."

"What do you do when you get huge groups of kids at one time?"
"All right; fair enough."

"We drew a cow on our camp coat of arms, because I don't know about you but there were days when I'd wake up and suddenly have to go to school, and then there were days I didn't have to go, and I never really knew what was going on or why. And I figure cows must feel like that all the time."

"I washed this yesterday, but I forgot to dry it, so when I got up this morning it had pollen stuck in all the folds. Yeah, I've got this laundry thing down."

"Do you hear that? That's the warning bell for dinner. They're warning us that it's coming."

"I think it's cute how they serve everything on English muffins."
"You don't usually have English muffins?"
"Well, not every meal."

"Here, you can have the weird piece."
"You are what you eat."

"Remember how they told us to watch out for eating disorders in the girls? All I can think is that every girl here is anorexic, but not by choice!"

"43 more days. I can get through 43 days. I can't get through one, but I can get through 43."

"Look, I could strangle a little kid with this and I wouldn't even have to take it off!"

"I swear it's like we're stuck in 'Groundhog Day' or something! 'Get up, girls, get out of bed!' 'Girls, it's time for bed!' 'Okay, girls, get up!'"

"How long are you staying? Are you here for family camp too?"
"I'm staying till the day camp closes, and I'm going to make them regret every minute of it."

"I just walked in and bought beer in a camp t-shirt. That probably wasn't very smart."

"We are the people our parents warned us about!"
--bumper sticker in the laundry room

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