"Let's just say that if we were stranded on a desert island together, I'd kill him."

1)So my sister recently noticed that the week isn't even half over.
2)But that just doesn't seem possible, to me.
3)Yesterday I returned to the apartment to find everyone sitting in the living room laughing.
4)This week is probably one of the very few times this semester that all four of us have simultaneously inhabited the apartment.
5)That aside, another interesting and slightly more relevant side note is that I gave everyone little vibrating rabbits on Sunday night.
6)The rabbits came with tags that said "Nervous Kingdom", and when you pull their tails, they shake for a few seconds.
7)They're strangely soothing to hold in your hand, although it has also been discovered that if you set them down on a smooth surface they hop in circles.
8)At any rate, I thought they were a good pre-exam Christmas present.
9)So when I walked in and found everyone laughing, it didn't take me long to notice that they were all playing with these rabbits.
10)It turned out that there had been a movement to name all the rabbits, and, moreover, to make them a family--with the last name "Bunny".
11)Thus Funny Bunny, Bunny Bunny, and Honey Bunny were all sitting in the living room with my apartmentmates.
12)Amanda said I had to name mine too, and immediately they set to brainstorming a fourth name.
13)While my sister this evening mentioned Punny Bunny and Runny Bunny as options, the only one I can recall from yesterday was Lidi's suggestion of "Scummy Bunny".
14)Needless to say, I didn't really want to go with that one, so, thanks to Amanda, I am now the proud friend of "Sunny Bunny".
15)After the difficult task of naming had been accomplished, we celebrated by writing poems about our Bunny family.
16)Mostly, the poems involved repeating all four Bunny names very quickly, sometimes multiple times.
17)At least, they did until someone got the brilliant idea that the group poem would be improved by interjecting Andrea's Bunny name in between each of the others.
18)This produced the following poem, which everyone had to try saying at least three times until they could do it at an impressive rate of speed and without making any mistakes.
19)We did, however, draw the line at attempting to repeat it five times fast.
20)Here is our masterpiece: BunnyBunnyFunnyBunnyBunnyBunnyHoneyBunnyBunnyBunnySunnyBunnyBunnyBunny.
21)Pretty cool, if you ask me.
22)My sister just looked over my shoulder and said, "You should have written, 'pretty funny, huh? Funny Bunny!'"

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