Barefoot and proud!

I said there should be a notice page about ways to respond to the question, "Why are you barefoot?" But then I realized the Dirty Sole society had already done that, so I mosied on over to their homepage and unconscienably stole their answers.

You're barefoot!

1)You're not!
2)You're right!
3)You're observant!
4)Thanks for the tip!

Why are you barefoot?

1)I like it.
2)I think it feels good.
3)It's more comfortable.
4)It's good for my feet.
5)I want to stay in touch with the Earth.
6)Because feet are beautiful.
7)Because I'm not wearing shoes. Duh!
9)I'm in a time warp from the 60s.

Why aren't you wearing shoes?

1)Don't like them.
2)My feet like the fresh air.
3)My feet were jealous of my hands.
4)My feet were hot.
5)One less thing to do in the morning.
6)Why aren't you wearing gloves?
7)I'm allergic to them.
8)I'm opposed to wasting leather.
9)If I don't keep in contact with the ground, I build up a static charge.
10)I knew I had forgotten something!

Where are your shoes?

1)At home, where they belong.
2)Don't know. Have you seen them?
3)Somewhere else.
4)On vacation.
5)On strike. (Courtesy of Blue)
6)What do you mean? These are God's Reeboks.
7)Don't have any.
8)My what?
9)Aliens took them.

Aren't your feet cold?

1)Obviously not.
2)Not unduly.
3)No--my feet are *cool*!
4)Aren't your feet hot?

Nice shoes.

2)Very comfortable too.
3)Do you like them? My parents made them for me.

If you're a barefooter, or if you want to know what it's about, (or if you want to see the unabridged version of this list) check out The Dirty Sole Society. It's a great site with all sorts of excellent stuff about barefoot living and society activities. I'm personally not a member, but I'm not really a joiner. If I was, this is probably the first place I'd sign up.

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