Animal Physiology

"I always pick on the people in the front row.
I think I'm going to go visit the back of the room for a while."

1)"What's the orange baseball cap for? Miami? Toronto?" "American Eagle."
2)"Ah, another roadkill hat. I know; I have a whole collection that I've picked up off the side of the road."
3)"So, can you tell me one difference between the Nernst equation and the Goldman equation?" "Not off the top of my head, no."
4)"And how fast does the action potential travel, again? Dave?" "Very fast." "Very fast; that's right."
5)"How about you five--does the sodium pump play a direct role in any part of the action potential? Come on, you have a fifty-fifty shot."
6)"It's a simple question: yes or no. We have someone from Florida here who can't make up her mind. 'Yes or no... I marked both of them; I got confused.'"
7)"I need two ways that action potentials are different from synaptic potentials. Any other backrowers want to give it a shot?"
8)"No, I really can't give you credit for both of those on the exam. 'An action potential is bigger and a synaptic potential is smaller'... see how they're the same answer?"
9)"All right guys, good job--don't stop studying."

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