"Oops... don't mind me. When you take a week off from radio, you come
back and you're like, 'What does this button over here do again?'"

1)There's no light red crayon!
2)I was just thinking about this and I realized that red gets gypped, because its tint has its own name.
3)Pink steals so much of red's range--no other color has a tint with its own name! It's all 'light yellow' and 'light blue' and so on.
4)I mean, 'light purple' can be 'lavender', and 'light orange' can be 'peach', but they're still shades of purple and orange, right?
5)They're still possessed by their parent color's range. Pink is a whole color unto itself.
6)The weird thing, other than the fact that I spent several minutes analyzing this phenomenon, is that while there's no light red, there IS a dark pink! It boggles my mind!
7)Do think that getting a dog would make me take myself less seriously?
8)Sometimes I really want a dog, like when I'm at work and they're all so sweet, except for the one that scalped Gail and apparently has this whole history of night weirdness that his owners forgot to mention.
9)I got her a card that shows a golden retriever lying pitifully on the couch with a bandaid on his nose. I'm going to put 'you should see the other guy!' on the inside.
10)I know; my amazing cleverness is sometimes too much. But someone has to set a quality standard here.
11)Other times, like when I'm waking up in the morning and I think to myself, "The last thing I want to be doing right now, other than getting up, is getting up and taking a dog out," I think I'm too selfish to own a dog that my parents won't take care of.
12)But THEN I think of my roommate, and how the odd social obligations of living with someone are sometimes a burden but more often a much needed reality check, and I wonder what Amanda will think of me comparing her to a dog.
13)This is a strange age, or so I was just thinking at the fair yesterday.
14)There are people already married with children, and others planning never to leave school.
15)I ran into Tom, whom I used to play soccer with, and there he was pushing a stroller past the kids' treasure hunt sandbox with his wife and a bag of cotton candy on his arm.
16)And me with a stack of books in one hand and a dill pickle in the other, barefoot and watching a yellow lab puppy try to get a terrier to play.
17)Then I realized that all ages are strange like that, you just don't notice so much while you're in school because you're surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of people all doing the same thing you are.
18)Or maybe that's not true either--maybe you don't notice it at school because you don't talk to classmates the way you do old friends.

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