"I see you're wearing diversity stickers!
What better way to support diversity than to save the environment?"

1)So the campus activities fair was today.
2)All the student organizations turn out with tables and brochures to advertise their existence.
3)Some of them, of course, have more than brochures.
4)SEAC had a photo album and recycled notebooks and pins.
5)UNH by Night had books and teeth.
6)Really cool teeth, too; fangs that glow in the dark.
7)And the Alliance seemed to have the singular goal of stickering the entire fair.
8)There were several people running around with sheets of rainbow smiley face stickers.
9)None were quite so enthusiastic as Steph, though.
10)She's incredibly outgoing and she would just drag anyone she encountered into conversation.
11)Then, while they were distracted, she would interrupt with, "Hey, want a sticker?"
12)At one point, Tanya (wearing her glow in the dark teeth) inquired, "Are you telling them what the stickers mean?"
13)Steph just blinked. The picture of innocence, she replied, "Why, no."
14)She wandered off again and Tanya squinted after her.
15)"I think she's heading for the College Republicans table."
16)I was like, "No. She wouldn't."
17)We were then temporarily diverted by Danielle asking what role-playing is.
18)By the time Steph returned, we were all like, "Did it work? Did you get them?"
19)She actually blushed, which Steph never does, and told us, "I didn't even realize they were the College Republicans! I had no idea!"
20)Tanya just grinned. "What about the Christian Fellowship? I saw you over there before."
21)Steph admitted to doing that one on purpose, which I found even more entertaining than the republican table because, by virtue of my neo-hippie Christian roommate, I know way too many people in IV.
22)Of course none of them would take a sticker, but that only made it more funny.
23)On a tangential note, Tanya was introducing some of the UNH by Night people to Danielle.
24)She was trying to explain that the entire club isn't made up of alumni and college dropouts.
25)One of her fellow role-players objected that *he* wasn't a dropout, to which Tanya replied, "No, you were expelled."
26)He was like, "Yeah! Get it right!"
28)But they did all wear stickers.
28)Even if Steph's recurring presence did prompt John to yell, "I support gay vampires!"

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