Four people were given a glimpse of a place where things happened differently.
Will their curiosity about each other bring together a team that was meant to be
or tear apart three teams that already are?


Double Vision
"What about the people in the other dimension? If you were there, were they here?"
(Ashley, "Thinking Out Loud")

"That was the paradise my life would have been... but despite my happiness, I was incomplete."
(Andros, "Visions")

"Sometimes I wonder what we'd be doing now, if we were still back on Earth."
(TJ, "Thinking Out Loud")

"I saw myself--only I had never been a Ranger."
(TJ, "Thinking Out Loud")

Beach Club
"Somewhere out there, in some other universe, I never met Ashley."
(Andros, "Visions")

"I love you, Andros. I always have, and I think I always will."
(Ashley, "New Ground")

"Does it matter? We *are* here, now, and it will never happen differently."
(Zhane, "Starry Night")

Distress Call
"An attack on your homeworld would effectively keep you here on Earth."
(Phantom, "Old Friends")

"My place will always be with you--if you'll have me."
(Zhane, "Home")

"I know there's no reason to be jealous of Ashley. Convincing myself is something else."
(Zhane, "Ordinary Life")

Morphin Grid
"We are always willing to help our friends on Earth. You have always been there for us."
(Cestria, "Comings And Goings")

Only Human
"My first thought was 'man, she's pretty,' and then I laughed at myself for even thinking it."
(Carlos, "Together Alone")

"If someone kissed me, I'd assume they were trying to tell me they had feelings for me."
(Cassie, "First Kiss")

"Yeah, I think they're all right. They're Rangers--they'll be fine."
(Andros, "Reflections")

"I don't know... I just feel like I'm losing my best friend."
(Carlos, "Transition")

Just Friends
"Are you looking for some kind of destiny? Maybe this is it."
(Zhane, "Starry Night")

All I Am
"I don't know, but lately I've started to believe in that whole 'meant to be' thing."
(Ashley, "Thinking Out Loud")

"We all know exactly how lucky we are."
(Carlos, "Before The Storm")

The Aerie