Starhawk's Aerie

Starhawk's Aerie


Once upon a time, when college life was good and leisure abundant,
a barefoot girl set out to make a name for herself on the world wide web.
The name was "Starhawk" and the medium was Power Rangers fanfiction.
She proceeded to write some stories and number a lot of notices.
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The First Saga
Life in the "First" universe is basically one long, romantic space opera.
It begins in the middle of PRS season one and continues past the end of season two.
If you're looking for similar relationships in a more canon format, try Zero Hour.

Kiss ~ (Extra) ~ Light ~ Star ~ (Forever) ~ Days

The "First" saga continues after the Astro Rangers have graduated from high school,
and a new team of Kerovan Rangers shifts the focus away from Earth.

(JTD) ~ Year ~ (Seasons) ~ Love ~ Blood ~ Bell

The best thing about having a spaceship is that you get to travel. A lot.
Sometimes the Rangers meet really cool aliens. Sometimes the Rangers are the aliens.
Sometimes the author doesn't know where fiction ends and "reality" begins.

Aquitar ~ KO-35 ~ Elisia ~ Animaria

Storm Stories
Wandering through this version of PRNS is like being gay in a really happy world.
These are stories that could have happened during or directly after the actual season.

Off Guard ~ Try Me ~ X Games ~ Year Of Thunder

Then there's the real world, involving aliens, coming out, discrimination, and also aliens.
People turn into wolves, pretend to be their own holographic clone, talk to their jewelry,
and even get married. Usually not all at the same time.

Aliens ~ Wolves ~ Weddings ~ Library

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Safe Zone

"If we run for it, we can make it to the hills by sundown."
"And what hills would those be?"
"I don't know, but I'm sure we could find some by sundown."