The "First" Saga


Temporal note: Begins in the middle of PRS season one,
after "Delta Discovery" and before "The Great Evilyzer".

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In 1993, a legendary team known as the Power Rangers began their historic defense of the planet Earth. Five years later, following an attack that devastated their command center and destroyed the source of their Power, four former Rangers set off into space to regain what they had lost. Uncertain at best and futile at worst, their mission led them to someone who was perhaps the only person in the galaxy who needed them as much as they needed him.

Amidst the conflict and compromise that filled their first days together, a new team of Rangers was formed. As in times past they defended Earth, but thanks to the instability of a universe on the verge of war they found themselves drawn deeper and deeper into interstellar events. After a semester of juggling high school and space travel, summer came as a welcome relief for the five overworked teenagers.

Unfortunately, their vacation turned out to be less than relaxing. "First Kiss" begins in August, just as Earth comes under siege and the Astro Rangers are forced to depart for deep space once more. Two weeks later, the war finds its way to Aquitar in "First Light" and the Rangers find themselves again stuck in school. By the end of September there's no choice but to take the battle to Dark Spectre's doorstep, as the Rangers do in "First Star".

Running parallel to the "First" universe is an alternate dimension into which the Rangers have had only a brief glimpse. Although their time there was short, the effects were lasting and the memories continue to resurface at odd moments. "Extraspace" chronicles some of the history behind that other dimension while speculating on the "what ifs" of our own.

Meanwhile, life in the "First" universe did not end with the destruction of Dark Spectre. As team relationships continue to grow and change, "First & Forever" offers monthly glimpses into the Astro Rangers' private lives. By May, though, the countdown to graduation has begun and the "Final Days" of high school and possibly the Astro team itself are at hand.

Over the summer the six teammates follow different paths, winding up light years apart and separated by more than distance. Their "First Year" apart brings some hard choices, and by Christmastime Ashley's "Seasons Greetings" to her former teammates reflect the changes they have all faced. With Andros' "First Love" threatening his relationship with Ashley and his pride keeping those who would help at a distance, the new team of Kerovan Rangers must stand together or not at all.

Resolving differences on KO-35 becomes more difficult when a war from another dimension threatens to spill over into our own. JTD mentions turning points in this other dimension before boundaries between the two begin to blur in First Blood. The overlap leaves new certainties in its wake, new families, and new futures. Former teammates and their young children reunite in Last Bell, gathered on Earth for a celebration of their history and their bond.

Temporal note: By now many canon similarities are gone,
and it's almost seven years since "Countdown" would have occurred.

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