"And so they ride, down a dusty trail
Destiny begins, the heroes never turn or look back
They just ride through the sands of time
On the borderline"

A Friend
Cassie and Phantom are drawn back to the place where they met.

Every Wish
Cassie tries to understand her feelings for Phantom.

Good Intentions
Nobody believes in fairy tales these days.

Phantom can't accept Cassie's decision.

Sunset Glow
Cassie isn't particularly happy with her decision either.

From Here On
Phantom can't bring himself to leave.

Knowing You
Cassie learns that "starship" isn't just a word.

Moon Shadow
"Because the night belongs to lovers"

Come With Me
The things you do.

Phantom's thoughts during "Delta Discovery".

Cassie's reflection later that day.

Phantom tries to recover on Aquitar.

"Cassie and Phantom talk, kiss, and find the backseat of a car."
Not for all audiences. Click title for warnings.

Real Life
Too bad things aren't always that easy. Bye Jake!

Cassie gets to visit Phantom for a change, and spends Friday night offplanet.
Not for all audiences. Click title for warnings.

The Darkest Hour
Bad Things happened on Elisia.

The Only Difference
An obscure history thing about Saryn's past.

Free To Fly
Followup to "The Only Difference".

A Turbo Ranger's dream.

A prequel to "Phantoms".

The Visit
"Grief isn't a feeling, it's a process."

Body Switcher
Saryn, Zhane, and the "Pajama Brigade".

Cassie, Phantom, and a nasty ice woman.

"And so goes the legend
That out there in the night
The two still ride together
Somewhere beyond the borderline"

"The Borderline"

The Aerie