"Each day when the sun rises, I hurry from my sleep
I can't wait to greet you with my song
You are every kind of flower, every animal I meet
You are nature full of grace and majesty"

Three thousand years ago, Merrick lost someone close to him.

Zen-Aku reverted to human form when the moon was new.

All Hallow's Eve
Throughout the course of the afternoon,
the Wild Force Rangers celebrate Halloween in their own ways.

4:00 ~ 5:00 ~ 6:00 ~ 7:00 ~ 8:00 ~ 9:00

"I promised to sing to the deer zord every morning, after sunrise.
You have to come with me so you can play your flute!
...Don't forget to wake up early tomorrow!"
--Princess Shayla

After Hours
"You're right. I don't visit you. It's--it's difficult
being on the Animarium sometimes. It reminds me of so many things."

Wild Times
Wes takes a moment to appreciate what he has.

The Animarium was raised again, but Princess Shayla isn't sleeping.

Final Flight
Eric finds Taylor watching NASA TV one Saturday morning.

Missing At Christmas
AU: A snowstorm forces Princess Shayla and her escort to change their travel plans.


The Gathering
Two years after the Wild Force team disbanded, Wes' Rangers bring them back together.

The Eagle and the Princess
Eric's patience is tested by a late night study session, and the Animarium welcomes back one of its own.

The Lion and the Tiger
Cole is reunited with an old friend, and Princess Shayla flounces off in typically dramatic fashion.

The Bison and the Flower Girl
Kendall joins the Rangers for some meaningless fun, but the afternoon is interrupted by a call from Eric.

The Time and the Tied
The timestream does something weird but not entirely unexpected, leaving Jen stuck in the present.

The Jungle and the Shadow
The missing member of Wild Force finally shows his face, but no one is surprised to see him.

The Badge and the Wings
Taylor goes in for an exciting shift of Time Hole Watching and ends up wishing that's all it had been.

The World and the Wind
Alyssa is awoken in the middle of the night and finds that she isn't the only one not sleeping.

The Shark and the Phone Tree
Max demonstrates the fine art of being, not worrying, and refusing to underestimate people.

The Ice Pack and the Dog Tags
Alice figures out what most of the Rangers already knew: her neighbor is very odd.

The Victory and the Deal
Wes ends up in charge of the clean-up operation, and comes face to hologram with his own future.

The Devil You Know
Cole and Alyssa come to the Animarium in search of Merrick, but of course he isn't there.

Going For Refuge
Shayla gets Merrick to drop the "Princess," and they talk about what it means to be with someone.

Saved By The Fall
Sometimes the ghosts of our past are more solid than others. Animus makes a promise.

Coyote Dreams
Jen tries to make the Animarium safe for wild zords everywhere, and some of the Rangers help less than others.

After Lethe
Shayla and Merrick discuss the events of the day and the possibility of tomorrow.

"From your skies the snow gently falls to the earth
From your trees the birds nest and play
From your oceans the fish school and travel the world
Nature please don't ever go away"

The Aerie