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18/10/98 - A momentous day in the history of Oldham Athletic on the web - my site has finally had an update!

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Change of venue for hte meetings - Mr. Wrigleys on Union Street opposite the Chron offices, for details of dates etc, visit Carl's site.
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Latics News
Well, a couple of months into the season, and we've lost eight out of 13 games, and are in the relegation zone, only spared by the fact that Lincoln, Colchester and Wycombe are worse than us. It's all a little depressing really, what makes it even more frustrating is that brewery at MIddleton Junction doing sod all, yet supposedly having the best interests of the club at heart. If they did, surely they'd give us some money to get us out of this mess? [Nice dream] to quote Radiohead...

Recent Results:
Luton 2-0 Latics - Both goals in the last 8 minutes, but a fairly similar story really. We apparently had a couple of chances, and our defence looked OK for the majority, but McNiven was sent off with 20 minutes left. Whether that's something to cheer about, I'm not sure.
Latics 2-3 Wigan - Outplayed and outclassed at home to Wigan Athletic. It really shows you just how bad we've become, yet there's still no sign that the Brewery or the board will ever take any notice, and realise their policy of cost cutting just won't, and clearly isn't working.
Latics 1-0 Colchester - Not a lot in it. Had they had a decent striker in the first half they could have been 4-1 up. We created precious little, apart from a strong finish to the game. Why do we only finish games strongly when we're ahead?
Bournemouth 2-0 Latics - Yet another depressing display, from all accounts. Totally dominated possession but created bugger all in the way of chances.
Latics 0-1 Preston - Unbelievably bad. Counted our chances on one finger. Although we did have a blatant penalty turned down in the second half. Not that I'm clutching at straws or anything. We were streets ahead of this team last season. Why aren't we now? Because we've spent sod all. Why? Because of the bastards at Middleton Junction.
Northampton 1-1 Latics - Rode our luck a lot apparently, but a fairly good point nevertheless. Particularly after the Macclesfield debacle in midweek.
Latics 1-2 Macclesfield - No disrespect to Macc, they thoroughly deserved their win, but this was the most embarrasing and depressing night ever watching Latics. It was an absolute joke. And that's putting it mildly.
Lincon 1-3 Latics - Apparently a very good performance. But since everybody else has also won there this season, it's hardly anything to shout about is it?
Latics 1-1 Fulham - Had to miss this game, but was pleasantly surprised to hear the result. A good performance so I've heard.
Well, out of the above games I went to all the home games bar Fulham, and none of the away games, as I gave up after Blackpool, and the train fare was miles too much for the other games, and the drive too far. I'm off to Burnley on Tuesday though. Who knows, we might even win. Stranger things have happened...
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