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I would like to take this space to explain what CTY is, and what it stands for, but, well, if you are here, chances are that you know, and if you don't, CTYers have a saying: 'CTY stands for Can't Tell You,' because when we try to explain, no one ever seems to understand. I'll just keep it simple and say it's a camp for smart brats, and these are some things I've collected about it.

a small collection of quotes and poems which were either written about CTY or look very much like they were

pictures, with captions, from LAN.1.97

Check out the madlib Kara and I did LAN.1.97

confectionism, a Religion created during my first year at CTY
The reading list from my Writing and Society class

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(The above webring no longer works especially well, but I'm leaving it anyway)

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