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About the terminology. Instead of inventing new terms, I rather use the existing definitions and theories, which are in existence for over a century. Please, get beyond the political connotations and try to see marxism from the position of postmodern conditions. I use Marx or Foucault without connections to their ideologies, very much like a physicist uses math.

New technology in theatre is the filed of my research, but because I am a webmaster, I reflect on applications of Virtual Theatre ideas to the world of web and internet, economy and commerce.

There are even more metaphysical writings in POV and TECH directories.

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Web Workers

Virtual Theatre and few business thoughts

First, my corrections to the common internet terminology.

I never liked this word -- surfers. Let me explain myself. We are talking about them, the people who ARE the Internet. They make it work. Without them and their computers my webpages will be nothing but invisible data, files stoted in many places. No, they are WORKERS, they assemble my data! They are partners! Because they work together with me -- they invest their time and money into developing... OUR product!

Yes, I said our; without MEETING with them "my" product doesn't exist... It has potentuality, not ACTUALITY.

See SpectActor page @ vTheatre -- the theory of spectatorship is based on the premise that the public is the originator of the spectacle. So, if you put your "surfer" as a MANAGER, you would see the ACT of online "viewing" not only as INTERACTIVE, but consumer produced activity.

In our new brave world of counter-texts we call them "visitors" when, in fact, the Internet is nothing short of the communist motto: The Workers of the World Unite!

Of course, they are new "workers in new economy (see how Marx defined the production process under communist conditions). Let me be straight. My job as a webmaster to PROGRAM such conditions, when my webpages will be working in my abcence (when I am not working on them). So-called "traffic" is the trace of this work done by them, the spectActors, they are the performers of this spectacle.

Yes, every webpage is a SPECTACLE in Aristotle's definition and in the new controlled by the viewer narratives.

So, how do I have to prepare the data for you to enjoy the work you at home?


I understand the slogan that costumer is always right, but I want to take this idea one step further. If indeed your are the co-creator of my pages, as an author it is not only your right, but your OBLIGATIES to have the page working!

I am adding more and more interactive elements to my sites in order to let the people WORK together (using my [our] webspace and a medium -- the work-space). Ideally, it's you, not me, who must be the owners of Business Sellassie (knowledge becoms YOUR property). I am only directing this natural process.


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