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After a few months of webbing Anatoly noticed that he was working more and more on his pages. He began to complain to his wife, chidren, friends and everybody willing to listen. But there are not that many webmasters around to understand his pain (most of them are in cyber space and not your neighbors). Anatoly was about to be burned... He became angry...

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Webmaster's Night Tale

Night? Yes, because I do it at night under the darkness of cyber space...

After you learn HTML there is more to learn -- how to make your pages VISIBLE!

Of course our Anatoly read about engines and submissions. Of course, our poor hero spent hours submitting his pages... Of course, he learned a few things...

This is a first page in what I call "Web-Wisdom"!

Your Internet efforts do not end with the perfect website (webpages are the PROCESS). They begin with...

1. Site title.

A longer descriptive title for name only listings. Open "the source" with your right click -- what do you see? The title -- Webmaster's Night Tale @ Sellassie Biz. You want to make sure that every most important search word is in your title.

2. Key words -- by order of importance. Here is the question of your priorities: Sellassie, Business... or Business, Sellassie?


3. Site descriptions in various lengths:

A paragraph, 50 words or less,

A few sentences, 25 words or less,

A one sentence description.

I do neglect #3 -- too bad!

4. Site URLs. Trust me, you need it; very often I can't remember myself where this or that page is -- Netscape prints it for you, but you should place it on the page (bottom is the best). I have to force Anatoly to do it!

5. Email address. You can find webmaster email link on all my pages. It took a while before I got used to building it into my design.

6. Logos and banner URLs -- make note of image size by pixel and K. Of course, you have to make them, the banners and your logos. It takes time, but this is how your pages will be remembered, my friend! I had to create even directories for "banners only"!

You see? Your pages have to be redone many times before they will become YOUR pages!

Of course, I'm skipping some subjects (like meta name=description, for example), but this is for later day in our journey. Right now I have to let you use the hyper-text principle. You can click and go to my first webmaster's page to see how it's all began, or you can go to new Web Directory, or to the old Web Index.... You see, you are the master, not me!

But how can you know what to choose? You you want me to make this dessision for you? How about a simple link NEXT?

Establishing a reputation takes as much effort in cyberspace, as it does in real life.



The code below will allow visitors using Internet Explorer 4 or 5 to easily add your site to their Favourites list by clicking on a link. Here's the code for creating that link:

Just copy, and paste the code above where you want the link to appear. Alternatively, you can specify the title and URL that you want bookmarked, without having the script pull the information from your page (as the script above does). To do that simply use the code below:

All you have to do to get the script above working is to replace the Webmaster-Resources.com URL with yours, and "Free Webmaster Resources" with the title that you want to appear in your visitors Favourites list. Place the code above within the head and /head tags. To call the script, place the following code on your page where you want the link to appear:

Note: You'll need to copy and paste the document.write line, and the line that begins with "Click here to..." into one.

The JavaScript code above will make the link appear only for visitors using IE 4 and 5. Visitors using Netscape will see


The code below will only work in Internet Explorer 5, and will allow your visitors to set your home page as their default when they open your browser simply by clicking on the link that the code below generates.

Click here to make Webmaster Resources your default homepage

Note: Copy and paste the code above onto ONE line; otherwise it may not work. Substitute the URL http://webmaster-resources.com with your URL, and the words "Webmaster Resources" with your site name.


Netscape gives you the ability to add your own channel into the Netscape Start Page simply by having visitors click on a link on your site.

Here's how to setup your own Netscape Channel:

1. Go to http://my.netscape.com/

2. Setup your My Netscape page if you haven't done it previously

3. On your My Netscape Page click ADD Channel, and then click "Create a new Channel" and follow the directions.

This is a great addition to your site as:

a) Millions of people have My Netscape set up as their default homepage, this is your chance to be one of the first things they see every time they launch their browser

b) It allows you to stay in touch with visitors by letting them know the latest changes to your site, and remind them to visit.

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