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I never had a business plan for my websites; I never thought that being online is BUSINESS. So, I have to do it now. But first -- the understanding how this internet business is different from the traditional ones.

Good news -- it's a business.

Bad news -- it's very different.

If you understanding the difference, the "bad news" are very good news.

I put on my pages only services I use myself. The above is a new one. Looks very promicing... Business oriented only.

You understand, that you are better be in the right community, if you want to work this community, right?

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Here is an interesting example. A web-business for sale.


"Dear Friends and Clients,

One of our long standing subscribers is interested in selling his very profitable Adult Website which currently has 30,000 members and 13,000 unique visitors per day.

Exact details are as below:

* 3,614 active webmasters in the database
* 13,237 active '1 year' members ($$$)
* 13,816 active '2 year' members ($$$)
* 1,500 active '1 month' recurring members being charged approx. $21 each and every month

The site makes approximately $378,000 per year, on 1 month members alone. The potential is virtually unlimited.

The current owner is asking $550,000 for this website."

How to read it?

First, be aware of the last line -- The potencial is virtually unlimited. It could be said about anything on the Net. It means nothing.

13K/day is the number. A lot? Not really, not for an adult site.

So, what do they sell?

Their customers! The accounts and the list.

The "leads" like in real eastate... the contacts, the information. Information is the king of the cyber business. What you know and when you learnt it. Right stuff at right time

So is this a good deal?

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