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There are many banners = programs. Including this page. But before you begin advertising something, you have to advertise yourself. You see, placing any banner makes no sense until somebody sees it. It has to be many. A lot. Thousands. They have to know that you exist -- and how to find you.

I do not make money in cyber space and I do not think that it will happen in near future. I can't afford to turn it into business -- I do not have time (money) to make money.

I do not have business plan; for web-business it is more important as ever...

Click & Learn -- that's what I did. That's how the programs came to my pages...

First, I have to serve myself.

Do you have credit problem? I do.

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How it works... see for yourself.

Does the web work for you?

Work hard to make it work smart!

Patience is the first virtue online!

Checklist: The next step you can take is to use the contact information from the site and contact them. Send an e-mail and see how long it takes to get a response. If it is longer than 24-48 hours -- RUN! (Common sense)

To be continued...

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