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HIM Haile Sellassie I

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Old HS WWW: Haile Sellassie Family Web
H.I.M. Web-Biography: from Sellassie WWW pages
R&R: Rasta & Reggae, Rastafarianism, Texts, Links, News
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Notes, Web Directory @ Sellassie WWW

I am not using the Sellassie WWW template because it's about time to develop the SERVICE pages templates!

If content is a king, the content must dictate the organization of the webpages.

Use the popups, use HTMLgear codes (see on the right)! But SUBJECT related only!

Do you see the traditional link next to the copyright note? I leads to the front page, which has nothing to do with the subject of this page, because this page is about WEBBING. Wrong. It should be connected to Business Sellassie, the site for webmasters.

The confusion comes from having this site on another server. Haveing several subjects on the same server creates another sort of confusion. My Tripod sites are the demonstration of many in one place!

I started my webbing without a plan, I didn't give a good thought how they will FUNCTION and how they will GROW. Only later I realized that I need "WEB" directory for every site, that I need "Notes" pages for EVERY web directory, where I can develop the web strategy for every site, because every site is UNIQUE and asks for it own tactics. See Notes for the WEB directory @ Tripod (Film-North).

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