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Partners Wanted

This is a page for those who want to work with me.

And I mean work. In my experience people who want to "help" do not stay long. Well, I don't expect many replies.

So, here are some facts.

Profile: There are several websites in Sellassie WWW Network. The best is to look around and see for yourself. All of them do have different directions. For a businessman there are several categories to explore, depending on the nature of your own business -- publishing, travel, food, music.

Traffic: as of August 1999 we are getting over 300 visits/day. The two most effective sites: Sellassie Family Web and Sellassie Cyber University & Museum

Plans. First -- to increase the traffic...

You heard this word (traffic) many times. Unlike real estate, there are no prime"locations" in cyber space space -- you have to create them. Unlike shopping malls, the cyber visitors are "surfers" -- they are "window-shoppers"... They come to see, not to buy. Gas stations -- easy sale, websites -- hard.

There is a new directory @ my Angelfire site Merkato or go back to front page for navigation!

Come back for updates!

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There is the only open space is left -- the cyber space!
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