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Free Trade & Africa

Free trade -- the right of anyone to engage in business with anyone else, without interference by third parties - whether other individuals or governments.

Free trade means letting individuals trade freely, and ultimately, the only final alternative to free trade is... war. (see Ethiopian-Eritrean War pages). Economy is behind it all. Read FAQ Page and Vision to understand what I mean. But before we can talk about changes in Africa, they to take place in Diaspoara. The real changes -- economical, of course. There is New Economy as they call it, the high technologies.

And Internet is Africa's ticket...

Read William Rees-Mogg and James Davidson's book "The Sovereign Individual"! The century asks for new attitude -- personal independence. Perhaps, this is the old "western" idea, but in new global settings. Instead of looking for unity, Ethiopians should DO some business together -- the unity will come by itself. This is the purpose of this site -- Business Sellassie!

There are two part in this Free Trade philosophy: free -- meaning it has to be YOURS, and TRADE. The exchange between people, free people. Your are your own property and it has to be manifested in your PROPERTY. The property producing property is know as capital -- BUSINESS.

Sign -- The Remonstrance

This is different "free" -- yes, it's about freedom, my friend. The rest of this "free" is slavery!

Be careful when you see this word -- free...

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