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The End of The Webmaster's Night Tale

Of course, there is no such a thing as the end in our tale. Your webpages will ovelive you (if you build them right). But I knew that you would like to know the end of the story and you clicked on it, didn't you?

I know, as usual you want something dramatic! Sounds, pictures, changes (front page for HIM web-biography)! (Did you try it, the link?) Okay, how about another (chip) trick going (travel, trip) to Sellassie Books (I'll open a new window for you, so you can continue to stay with the story).

Did you like it?

But I hope that by now you understand the CONTENT is what matters the most. The TEXT! The learning, if you will. Should it be entertaining? Yes, but the MESSAGE must be there, my friend.

Well, maybe you should take one of my classes in film and theatre to learn more about the secrets of web-broadcasting... Yes, yes, there is more in web-publishing than just PAGES!

But you have to have webmaster's critical mass in order to explore the cyber space. What I mean is that you have to have a lot of pages (files) built in order to COMPOSE new pages and narratives. You have to spent some time (a lot) preparing the material before you can fully USE it.

Oh! Are you not a webmaster? You keep reading it without having your own website? Listen, kid, than you beter read the children stories about webbing! How about Webbing for Dummies?

What? You are still here? I told you that this is the End of "The Webmaster's Night Tale"... Go and make your own pages, friend!


Diary of a Webman

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