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Our banners you can use for your sites

Please, link to us. Selected the site or pages you like and download our banners you like. One right click and the image is on your hard-drive.

Writing HML command is simple:

<< a href="https://www.angelfire.com/ak/sellassie" >> Sellassie Family WWW < /a >

This is for our oldest site.

You see, the first part is the command, the rest in "" https://www.angelfire.com/ak/sellassie is the page's address, you can copy it (right click) and paste it.

The title of the page "Sellassie Family WWW" which is in the middle can be replaced with the command for any image.

This is the smallest (1418 bites, fast download) banner we have. Save it on your harddrive and download to your server. Sellassie Family WWW

This is a bigger banner (9288) and in jpg format.
You can see them on our Awards Page. Did you apply for Sellassie Web Awards?
HIM Web Awards -- Webmasters Aply

This gif banner for Sellassie Cyber University. We would appreciate if you put it on your pages. We rely on friends for promotion. Sellassie Cyber University & Museum

This banner (5371 jpg) was created for Ethiop Village, our first e-shop to advance Business of Diaspora for Diaspora by Diaspora. NEW -- Sellassie BOOKs

Webman's Diary

@1999-2001 Index; if you click on the banners, it will take you to our different sites. Leave your comments and suggestions in our Guest-Books and send them to webmaster. Thank you!