I had no intentions of getting into Ethiopian politics. It was a family website and focused on Haile Sellassie only, but when one talks about Ethiopian history, it leads to Ethiopian politics of today.

So, I put together a few "political pages" on the main issues without any attempt to be systematic or deep. And of course I have my own opinions and I post them in order not to confuse the reader who is behind the pages.

Treat our pages as a testemonials of the time, a political diary, if you will. Our family is not engaged politically and we have no need to support or to oppose the government, regardless which government can be in power in Addis Ababa. Nevertheless, we do have our observations and that is what you can find on Sellassie pages.

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This is a page for myself. Needs, Thoughts, Plans.

This new directory already became too big to maintain!

I had to create Links page in addition to INDEX page. (Hard to understand the structure of the directory). Also, to hide the listing WITHIN the floating frame.

No tour, no guide, no help or FAQ pages?

No summaries? How are they to understand what is what?

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At what point the pages will move to "narrative" from being data depository?

Now, about this (new) Politics directory.

If you read the old POLITICS directory pages, you understand that the very idea of law is NEW in Ethiopian politics. For millenniums the ruler was the law and it is still the case in contemporary politics. The war with Eritrea just another proof of it. What rules, what law?

Here are the three simple principles:

Law 1) No individual or entity is permitted to initiate physical force or property fraud against another individual or entity, nor to threaten to initiate force or fraud against another individual or entity.

Law 2) No individual or entity is permitted to use physical force except against an individual or entity breaking Law 1.

Law 3) No exceptions to Law 1 and 2 are permitted under any circumstances.

Only after this concept is accepted we can talk about law and laws.


Do you know why?

That is because individual rights are all that need be defended in a just society. All individuals, by default, have equal rights insuch a society. All have equal protection from force or fraud initiated by another.

People are ignorant of these basic, self-evident truths thanks to their inability to reason effectively with respect to real world problems.

Only when logic and common sense are applied to laws will we finally return to the idea that the protection of physical safety and property are the only just goals of laws. An idea, however noble and humanitarian, is not more important than the protection of person and property.

Only when people learn to think in terms of the importance of individual freedom and happiness will they realize that disagreeing with someone's personal behaviour (so long as it isn't physically harmful or fraudulent) is not a reason to criminalize that behaviour.

Happiness comes from accepting others and enjoying one's own life, not from persecuting those who happen to do things a little (or a lot) differently than you do.

We must recognize that a system that holds ideas in higher regard than humans is a bad system and one in need of repair. Defending ideas more strongly than personal safety and property rights has created more and worse problems than those the ideas were meant to prevent.

The solution is to to learn to think in terms of simple, profound principles. It is easily within our capabilities, we need only to make the effort to do so.

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